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Honest Beatles Albums

  • Please Please Me:

    we recorded this shit in one day

  • With The Beatles:

    finally hit number one time to go to America!!!

  • A Hard Day's Night:

    Lennon-McCartney compositions only

  • Beatles for Sale:

    lots of covers wow bein famous is hard work

  • Help!:

    weed is cool thanks Bob Dylan. George is becoming a song writer

  • Rubber Soul:

    LOL weed

  • Revolver:

    how much acid did we drop again

  • Sgt. Pepper's:

    psychedelics and alter ego band

  • Magical Mystery Tour:

    Paul, do we really have to do this

  • Yellow Submarine:

    Eppy's idea. This is only for the film

  • The White Album:

    India, meditation, and George got 4 whole songs on this one!!

  • Abbey Road:

    No more fighting, guys, yay let's make a happy record

  • Let It Be:

    we're breaking up. I'm Paul McCartney, don't sass me George. YOKO, GO AWAY

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